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Our Class: RD (FX)


The complete fitness programme synonymous with strength and conditioning. 60-minute workouts combine a variety of functional movements – from cardio and gymnastics to weight training and everything in between. Expect the unexpected as each new day brings a different workout.


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Started my fitness journey here, an all round gym for people of all levels. The coaches are really helpful, you get the experience of personal training at the price of regular classes.
Zain Ansari
Google Review
interesting way of coaching members. Coaches are awesome - very passionate and welcoming - always push you to work your best without compromising on form and techniques. The Red dot community is extremely friendly and they'll make you feel inclusive - that makes working out much more enjoyable. The people who work there and attend the gym became not only the coaches and partners who have the same interest, but rather one big family that supports, encourages and accepts the way you are. Truly an amazing experience to be a part of it!
Vivian Chua
Google Review
The whole community is so fun and great! Everyone so bonded together, pushing each other during workouts. The coaches are very good too! They will guide individually during workouts on the postures and the techniques. The membership can access to all classes too! Unlimited!
Marcus Chow
Google Review
A gym with an extremely warm and supportive community that creates a comfortable environment for any newcomers to pick up CrossFit. 🙂 Coaches are also very patient in guiding you through the techniques and push you to do your very best in all your workouts!
Belinda Hum Bei Lin
Google Review
If you would like to do CrossFit for the first time and you find other boxes very intimidating, Red Dot Fitness is the place to go! With a very cozy interior, doing CrossFit here felt so comfortable for a newbie like me! They also have a great vending machine at the back that excepts payment by card. Will definitely go again!
Masamri Amir
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